Tulie Bakery

After having Baby G, my sister brought me the most amazing triple layer coconut cake. I can't even explain how yummy that cake was! I found that she has a friend that works at a new bakery called Tulie. Not only is this cute bakery stylish and modern, it has excellent and unique food. I have only tried a few items on their menu, but everything that I've had so far has been excellent! I really enjoyed their quiche, vanilla pound bread, and refreshing arugula salad. Tulie Bakery offers elegant cakes, cupcakes, morning pastries, sandwiches, and more. I can't wait to taste more yummy food. Sis, thanks for the good find! Yumm-o!

Tulie Bakery
863. E 700 S.
Salt Lake City

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  1. Hi Alisa~I found you on Amber's blog, hope you don't mind me stalking you :) It's so fun to see your kids and congrats on your newest little guy - they're all adorable. Hope you're doing well! Take care, lori


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