I'm so in love with Zoocchini products!  
Seriously , the animals are crazy soft and the towels are so fun and adorable.  
I don't like to have a lot of stuffed animals around, but these animals are just
too cute to not have around.  My kids adore their animals and towels.
Go wild for animal-centric goods for bathing, decorating, feeding, and play. 
Zootopia awaits in the form of barnyard, ocean, and safari critters. 

**Side note:  I don't know if you do this....but I totally associate my children with an animal.  
For example: 
I-man / lion
A-girl/ zebra
J-boy/ elephant
G-baby/ giraffe or monkey 
I don't know if this is because they actually like that animal...
or if it is because  I decided that they will like that animal? 

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  1. Cute toys! I will have to go look at that site! Thanks!


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