A Fall Trip to the Zoo

Nothing like a warm weekend to run to the zoo in November!  We had a nice time with my brother and his cute kids, and my Dad.  Luckily, we were able to see some of the new babies that were born this year.  I couldn't believe how adorable those baby animals were!  There was a baby elephant, giraffe, tiger cubs,  and snow leopard.  One of the little tiger cubs was ready to pounce and attack my brother!  The cub totally zoned in on him and they had a "moment" together.... luckily there was a fence involved.  I mean, it was a baby!  The innate abilities of nature are quite amazing.  

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  1. Those are some crazy beautiful pictures!!! What a photogenic family!!

    Also, thank you for dropping by my blog!I'm sorry it took me some time to get back to you though! It's been so fun to discover your blog, as well! And I'm your newest subscriber!!

    Shannon at:http://www.milkandcuddles.com/


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