Black and White

As I was looking through my favorite design photos from my favorites folder, 
 I started to notice a major pattern...
an unmistakable thing that I never really realized about myself...
I like Black and White with a punch of color.
  I guess I never really knew that about myself, but the majority of pictures I save suggest that this is true.
So, in dedication of my new revelation, here are some fabulous photos, designs, and things...
Black and White 
I was all finished with my Black and White post...
and then I cracked open my new Metropolitan Home Magazine, December issue (um...did you say December? Uhhh yes!  I did!  How did we find ourselves here--coming up on another Christmas season? Crazy!)
 I'm so lovin' these photos and the article on a pair of professional designers from California and their home renovation.

Photos via Metropolitan Home, Elle Decor, Better Homes and Garden, Martha Stewart, Domino Magazine, 
House and Home Canada.

images via JCrew and Shabby Apple


  1. Talk about eye candy! Those images are gorgeous. I love the interiors and the fashion inserts too. I think I'll go look at the post again...

  2. So I thought I left you a comment under your rug post - but I'm not seeing it. BUT what I said was you and Ginger need to start an interior decorating business together! I love your taste and if i EVER get back to Utah and get a house you'll have to help me decorate :)

  3. Love the black and white! Is that Jenna Lyon's apartment with the zebra rug? I might have that mixed up--but it looks familiar.

    Awesome blog! I really enjoyed my visit (by way of SITS)!


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