John Adams: book and mini-series

Being a history major and an ex-U.S. History teacher, this is quite predictable of me to suggest.  I love excellent books on U.S. History, and if they are entertaining too, that is a bonus!  I know that to mention the word  history book can either surface feelings of love or dislike in people, however, I feel confident enough in this book and movie series, that I feel most people could enjoy it.  Especially during this time when our Country is changing drastically, and so many of us are scrambling to understand our history and what the founding fathers truly visioned for us and what we truly stand for.

John Adams by David McCullough is an amazing read!  AMAZING! It is very well reasearched and very informative.  Not only do you learn about John Adams and his family, but you also learn quite a bit about many of the other founding fathers and the history of this Great Nation. This is a must-read for every American and anyone interested in the history of America.

John Adams HBO miniseries with Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney is a very well done and interesting movie series that everyone should see.  Christmas break is a great time to heat up some hot chocolate, fix a warm fire, and relax and bond with a historical movie.

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  1. I have to read this book. I love history, and am always in search of a great book to read. Thanks!

    Sending you and your family warm wishes, and a very Merry Christmas.


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