The Door Book & Michael Dobson Photography

I love a great coffee table book, I am in awe with amazing photography, 
and I am quite fond of a beautiful or unique entrance.   
I especially find doors quite interesting and revealing.  
That is why I was so excited to learn about a project of an old friend of mine from high school, 
Michael Dobson.  He became an amazing photographer and has been busy traveling the world 
and photographing his journey. He has taken a special interest in photographing beautiful, 
interesting, and unique doors from around the world.  
Michael Dobson has  made several calendars and now has a beautiful book called

These are just a few photos that I loved.  
Quite honestly, it was hard to narrow down to a few faves.  There are so many wonderful 
and interesting doors, and the photography is just beautiful.
There is also a calendar of New York doors that is just fantastic! 
I wonder if he'll make a calendar of doors from Boston, or for that matter, New England?
  I think that New England has so many doors with character and charm.  
Then again, so does the south. I know I've photographed many charming doors in Virginia, 
Mississippi, and South Carolina.  Oh! and Italy.  Now there are some beautiful doors in Italy too! 
What a fantastic project Mike!
 I can't wait to see where your journey takes you next, and what doors you'll be finding along the way. 
 And this beautiful book is now at the top of my Christmas list...
Hello Santa! Are you taking notes? 

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