The Ultimate Beach House from Coastal Living

I am completely smitten with this craftsman beach cottage 
located on the west coast,in Seabrook,Washington.  
This is an idea home for Coastal Living
which happens to be one of my favorite magazines. 
For those who live in Washington or Oregon, you'll be happy to know you can actually take a home tour!
I love the architecture, the design, the floor plan, the color palette, the texture... pretty much everything. 
Tim Clarke, the interior designer, did a fantastic job creating such a calming retreat. While Lisa Romerein, the photographer, did a fantastic job capturing the lighting and beauty of this home. 

I love the sky blue ceiling and all the stripes
used throughout the room.

I really enjoy the natural elements mixed with the
striking modern white. 

I love the gray tint in the hardwood floors +
I like the idea of no rug under the table!
I can't even tell you how hard it is to keep the rug under
my table clean... 
do any of you have that problem?

I am such a fan of finding a color palette
in unexpected places. 
Just love the way that Tim Clarke, the interior designer,
pulled inspiration from all of the 
different elements that surround the home.

Oh, how I'd love to live in this home...


  1. Such a great house. I love the shelves in the kitchen! It's fun to dream :) Ok so no I don't live on the beach. . .but only a short 30mins away. hope you are doing well! still waiting to see pics of your kitchen! love ya

  2. I am enamored with this home. I keep on studying it in the mag.


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