Timothy Whealon in The Hamptons

Elle Decor featured this lovely home in the Hamptons a bit ago.
New York City decorator Timothy Whealon purchased this home in
Southampton, New York, "just steps off the main street and a short bike ride from the beach. 
The train station is close enough to walk to, so Whealon doesn’t have to contend 
with the hideous summer traffic."
I wouldn't mind having this home to go to on the weekends.  
It is lovely and fresh, the perfect retreat. 
Oh! how I adore those navy denim blue walls.  Amazing!

In the kitchen, Whealon painted the floor as a big checkerboard, and painted the walls a crisp white.
Those floors are just...are there words? Incredibly fabulous?!

I really like the striped fabric mixed with the Batik and Ikat-ish looking pillows.  
These pillows remind me of some fabulous pillows found in Modern Palm Boutique... I'm just sayin'. ;)
And just to mix it up, I think the elephants add a fantastic touch to the classic landscaping.

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