Inspriation Board: a room for Lisa

I've been helping a friend of mine pull some ideas together for her living room.  I was thinking about it last night and thought I'd mess around and create a little inspiration board.  The chaise should really be to the side, but this program does not allow for direction changes.  I was thinking a chaise would be great in front of some beautiful, large windows, so it would not block the light or view, and create a more open feel. They want to have a brown leather sofa that is more forgiving, since they have four young, adorable children. Red is her happy color, so I incorporated pops of red and thought it would be fun to add texture with printed chairs that sit in front of the fireplace. They want a lot of seating, since they entertain quite a bit.  My friend is quite the traveler and has many items from her travels, so the bookshelves would be great to hold some of her items and the cinquefoil panels add a bit of exotic feel to the room and make a great artistic statement.

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