Paint, Paint, & more Paint

I have paint on my mind quite a bit lately.  I am 99% sure on what I want to paint the kitchen.  
I KNOW that I am painting it a slate blue, however, I'm just trying to finalize which slate blue. 
I have a fun eggplant color I'd like to paint my bathroom mirror, 
and a fun green color I'd like to paint the kids bathroom mirror.  
I'm also thinking of painting horizontal stripes in the entry and hallway.  Can't wait to get going on these projects... now, it's all about finding the time to accomplish the projects. 

I'm trying to update the house a bit, and I'm finding that paint is a cheap and fun way 
to use what you have and freshen things up a bit.  I've been looking through magazines, 
books, and online trying to get ideas.  
Here are a few great ideas that I enjoyed from Martha Stewart.

I love this banquette and emerald green back ground in the shelves.  Notice the blue plates... 
those are the Iittala Taika Designed dinnerware by Finish artist, Klaus Haapaniemi.  
I just adore the imaginative and unique design.  
In fact, I love this storytelling dinnerware so much that I have included it in my  

So, back to paint. 
I love yellow and I'm loving this collage of frames all painted different shades of yellow.

Another color I'm debating is black.  I'm so tempted to use black in my entry, 
solid or in the stripes. I'm also tempted to use it in my bedroom. I love the classy bold statement.
I like the idea of using your old headboard, but just sprucing it up with a beautiful color.  

A few more ways to involve a fresh coat of paint. On old file cabinets, on a wood floor, on old storage baskets, or an old dresser. I'm all about color!

Too die for!

Half a table and find a new life for it, make your own carpet runner,
make your own small chairs, and brighten up a vintage console.
Love all of these ideas from Martha Stewart. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!  
Any fun plans? I think I may work on a few projects...


  1. I definitely think you could do the black and white stripes in the entry. Sounds like you have some good projects coming up, lots of great inspiration!

  2. Amazing and colorful ideas for home decoration! Hope your paint projects get started soon, they will definitely bring a fresh feeling to your home, I just painted mine and it feels new :) Very cool ideas from Martha Stewart, will have to check her out more often!


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