Chrissi Richards Photography

Last week one of my dear-life-long friends came into town just to get together with the gals! It's about time Chrissi! You see, we were great friends back in college, worked together, and traveled together.  But, after she got married, she and her hubby moved around quite a bit...like all over the world.  I haven't seen her in almost 10 years, but the second I saw her, and my other dear friends, it's like nothing has ever changed.  Sure we had little kids running around us, but we still had those young 20-something hearts and memories. We didn't skip a beat. I'm so grateful for life-long friends! Chrissi, you amaze me with your happy attitude and constant kindness. Next time you come in town, I so want you to photograph my kids! Pretty please!

In those 10 years, my amazing friend, Chrissi, has become quite the photographer! She also has a darling family of 5 kids! This photo-shoot is with one of her beautiful daughters. Isn't it just darling? If you live in California, you will be super happy to know that she works in the Antelope Valley and Beyond. To see more of her work you can visit her site or blog.

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