Happy Things~Guest: Uber Chic for Cheap

I'm so excited to have Madeline from Uber Chic for Cheap as a guest today! 
We met a few months back at a conference and I instantly loved being around her. 
She is a complete sweetheart and a fun-loving, low-key fashionista. 
You are going to LOVE her and her fantastic blog
We all love fashion, right? And we all love a great-deal, right? 
Well then, Uber Chic for Cheap is such a great read.
Madeline loves to research and share good fashion finds. 
She also shares how to look Stylin' on a budget. 
In fact, "Look for Less" is my favorite post that she pulls together. 
I love to see "look-a-likes" on great fashion designs but for a better price.

Dream Job: I would love to work in fashion merchandising. It would be so fun to be a fashion buyer or a creative director of a small apparel store.
Product you can't live without:
Dry Shampoo! Now that I have bangs I needed to wash my hair every day because they looked stringy after 12 hours. I can now wash every other day, which is so much better for my hair because I am blow drying and curling less often.
Favorite Vacation:
When I was 16, I went to central Europe with my brother and parents. We saw Budapest, Vienna, and many other beautiful places. It was fantastic. I also have a big place in my heart for Alaska, specifically the Kenai Peninsula where my husband and I have spent 4 summers.
Dream vacation:
I would love to live abroad. I think there is something so fantastic about the idea of moving somewhere completely different and immersing yourself in entirely new experiences. I would love to do that. 
Favorite Restaurant/Food: I love Chinese food!
Favorite TV show:
I am a big TV watcher, and I love TV on DVD even more! Some of my favorites are Felicity, My So-Called Life, Veronica Mars, Mad Men and Friday Night Lights.
Favorite movie: 500 Days of Summer
Favorite treat: Cookies! I can pass on cake or pie or ice cream, but cookies get me every time and I end up eating at least 10!
Favorite Book: Hunger Games (If you haven't read it, you should!)
How do you like to relax or what is a hobby you enjoy:
I really like to sew. I am no master seamstress, but I love having time to just sit down and sew for a few hours.
5 Loves: My Husband, Chapstick, Cardigans, Sleeping In, and Shopping
5 Dislikes: Early Mornings,Being Insincere, Migraines, Paying for Shipping, and Being Embarrassed 

Thanks Madeline! I loved learning a bit more about you. 
I have yet to read this Hunger Games book, but it is the talk-of-the-town... 
I should pick it up soon.  
I love that you've lived in Alaska, but please don't tell my husband that bit of info. 
He'd try to get me to do it too! ;)  He once spent a summer there fishing on a boat.  
He'd like to live there. I'd like to live in Hawaii. 
Oh! And I'm so with you on lovin' dry Shampoo. I am an everyday fan! 
I even use it on my wash days to give texture to my fine hair. 


  1. I could not agree more. Being embarrassed is the worst! And I'm in love with that too and those boots! I'm crushing on all fall clothes right now!

  2. such a great interview! love the outfit.


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