Serious Love for Stella & Dot! SERIOUS!

I haven't mentioned lately how much love is going around for 
Their new Fall Line is AMAZING!  

Pictured above are a few celebs that are lovin' Stella & Dot.
Check out these stars from the Emmy’s gifting lounge wearing some of our favorite Fall Styles!
Denise Richards, Guiliana Rancic, Jane Krakowski, Catherine O’Hara & Lauren Bowles
just to name a few!
Also, the Petra Braided Bracelet is featured in the September 2010 issue of Redbook.

Oh! Have you been watching the Bachelor Pad?  
Off the record... I have seen some
 SERIOUS Stella & Dot love going on!  
Stella & Dot pieces are being worn more than close throughout the show! 
On the record: I would never watch such drama-train-wreck-horrendous-trash! 
Oh, but it is too fun. Why? Why is it so entertaining?

What have these kissing-bikini-crybaby ladies been wearing on the show, you ask? 
Why, let me just show you a few pieces...

Just to name a few....
Check and see if you can find any of these or more on the next show and let me know: 

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  1. I love Stella & Dot! And I love a blog named after my favorite drink!


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