Ork Posters

I have been wanting to get an Ork Poster for Mr. D for quite sometime now. I just needed a good excuse, but I now have one.  We have a 9 year anniversary coming up in 2 weeks.  I love all of these unique posters, but Washington DC is special to us.  First, he grew up there. Second, we both lived there. Third, although we didn't meet in DC proper, we met through friends that we both had while living in DC.  We actually first met at Duck Beach in North Carolina (on the outer banks), but then didn't date until we both moved back to Salt Lake City.  It is kind-of a random, long story, but there is the short version.  This intro is quite long though to explain why I'm getting the Washington DC poster for him though.  Shhhh! Don't tell him.  
Here are a few other posters that I think are just fantastic!  
The only thing he is missing is SLC.  
HELLO! For Reals! What's UP? :)


  1. I was so excited when the Seattle one came out! Although I have yet to buy it :)

  2. I love these too! My sister's favorite place is DC, I might have to buy her one.

  3. Oh, Boston is where i am originally from, that would be fun.


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