Happy Things~Guest: Or So She Says...

Today I have 2 guest bloggers Mariel & Jessica.
One thing I love about these ladies is that they know their stuff,
and if they don't....they soon will!  They will tackle any topic and will
research answers to any question! For reals!
Their blog Or So She Says...is very entertaining and very informative.
Their answers to my interview questions basically give you a taste of their humorous 
personalities and informative nature! Here are Mariel and Jessica.   
By the way, they are cousins! 

What is my dream job?  Actually, being a stay-at-home mom is exactly what I want to be!  My home is my haven for creativity and I LOVE being creative.  I don’t know where else in the world I could be that would allow me to explore so many of the wonders of life that interest me.  Home is the best place on earth!  Okay, but say I HAD to pick a job, what would it be? I would be a grunt-worker at a local nursery (the people that water the plants…J…weird, I know.), I could also enjoy being a “buyer” for a large department store (I have a tendency to think I can outfit a store better than what I see done), it would be fun to own a local bakery in a small town (I love desserts and like to think I can make people happy with mine), maybe I would be one of those author’s that hides away in their house in the mountains and pens fabulous (hopefully) story after story. 
Product I can’t live without: Oh, how about…tampons.  Wouldn’t life be miserable without them??  Ugh…I shudder to think.  Maybe, good old-fashioned Chapstick…it’s so necessary to have that stuff on hand at all times, living here in Utah. 
Favorite Place I’ve Been:  I’ve lived all over the country, growing up.  And, lame…but, I don’t think I can pick a favorite!  There are pluses and minuses about each place. 
Dream Vacation: I would love to go to Germany/Austria/Hungary and do the WWII tour, I would love to go to Israel and tour Jerusalem and the places where Christ walked, I don’t know anything about Ireland but think it would be a great place to go, and Maine.  Maine is one of the few states I haven’t been too…I want to rent a house there on Lake Kezar (voted one of National Geographic’s top 3 most beautiful lakes in the WORLD!) 
Favorite Restaurant:  I love going to ABC Mandarin in Roy, Utah.  I love Chinese food but it’s SO hard to find a place worthy of returning to over and over.  
Favorite TV Show:  I really LOVE cuddling up with my husband at the end of the day and watching a fun show.  Fun show = American Idol, The Bachelor (I have no shame), 24, Lost, The Office…you know, pretty much what everyone else likes!  Quirky shows I like = Intervention (documentaries of drug/or other addicts), Million Dollar Listing (those guys live in a different world!), and Tabatha’s Salon Takeover (I wouldn’t mind having her job!). 
Favorite Movie:  Of all time, it would be Funny Girl. I am basically obsessed with musicals.  I particularly love: Annie, Pete’s Dragon, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Oliver, Phantom of the Opera, and Mamma Mia.  One movie that isn’t a musical that I love it called, “The War” with Kevin Costner.  It brings back memories of being a kid and some of the struggles they have.  
Favorite Treat:  Birthday cake.  You know the kind, cheap box mix that’s frosted with butter cream.  Oh, baby!  Whoo!  Get’s me excited just thinking about it!  I also love hot desserts with ice cream on top (brownies, peach cobbler, bread puddings, etc.).  
What do I love about blogging:  Probably, making new friends and helping others.  Its fun to spew my thoughts and ideas but it really makes me happy when I get an email or a comment saying how helpful a post was.  I love that, it keeps me going.  I have also met (well, “cyber-met”) lots of fabulous women that I would love to REALLY meet in person!  I love to hear their ideas and to get to know them.  One of these days, Jessica and I will have to plan a little “get-together”. 
How do I balance life?  Becoming “balanced” is a constant struggle.  And, I actually think life is supposed to be that way.  There are SO many aspects of life that we should not ignore and are key to being our “best self”.  We need to improve ourselves at all times:  we need to constantly educate ourselves, take care of our bodies, be loving and attentive mothers/wives, have a relationship with God, contribute to society and the needs of our friends/neighbors, love ourselves and be at peace with who we are, maintain a clean and loving home environment, appreciate nature, doesn’t the list go on forever?  Seems like.  I think the important thing is to just KEEP TRYING with the knowledge that perfection is unattainable (in this life), and to recognize that the most balanced people are the most happy. 
How do I relax?  I used to relax by going on long drives alone, or on a nature walk/hike.  I used to lie in bed and read a great book.  I used to listen to lots and lots of music.  I used to craft all the time!  Sometimes, I can round the kids up to go outside…and I will work in the yard.  I love that.  But, it seems like once I get going, I’m interrupted by a poopie diaper, scraped knee, kid in the road, and endless cries of boredom and hunger.  Those days will come again, but for now…I relax by putting the kids to bed!  Then I hop in the tub, go for a jog, or just cuddle up with my man.  We love to get a babysitter and go out to eat and golfing!  Sometimes, I hide in the office and mess around on the computer (like, right now!)
Things That Make Me Cringe – When people lie or have an exaggeration problem, when girls do that fake-high-super-happy/annoying voice on a regular basis, onions, mayonnaise, drunk people, insecure women that flaunt and degrade their bodies and the men that take advantage of it, when people don’t take responsibility for their own lives/actions and expect/demand others to, my stretched out belly skin, being in crowds, roller coasters, swimming in deep water, spiders, g-strings, profanity, when parents let their kids walk all over them, having my arm pits touched, my crooked tooth, swallowing pills, long fingernails (on me), being in the car/tent/bed when someone farts.
Things That Make Me Smile – C.S. Lewis, A great musical, a thriving plant, flowers, flowers, flowers, the smiles of my children, a ultra-dramatic reality show, James Taylor, Rosie Thomas, Don Williams, volleyball, golfing, watching the Utah Jazz (in the play-offs only), ice water, grape juice, Chili’s Southwestern Eggrolls, Applebee’s Blondie, Papa John’s pizza crust, Chapstick, Gold Bond Lotion, shoes, jewelry, clothes!, getting my hair washed at the salon, juicy strawberries, smoothies, gravy on anything!...especially mashed potatoes and biscuits, ladybugs, birds, computers, taking a bath, pajamas, Haflinger slippers, Vitamin E oil for my face, dictionaries…I love new words!, getting my face tickled, doing nice things for others, holidays, decorating, politics, English, writing children’s stories, reading educational books, funny movies, avocados, dating my husband, Disney movies, willow trees, aspen trees, Christmas trees in my house, flip-flops, making holiday crafts, vacationing, going to plays, seeing others happy, teaching, meeting new people, history, exploring, Capitol Reef National Park, Oregon, New York, Kelly green, wearing dresses, the sound of the pitter patter my kid’s feet make running down the hall, kissing my baby’s cheeks, getting a letter/card in the mail, a clean house, no laundry to do (has yet to happen), going to the nursery to buy new plants, and big hugs!

 My dream job: Hm... For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a volunteer in the Red Cross, or someone who travels all over the world helping people in need.  For now though, I'm more than happy doing my part by nurturing and teaching my kids. 
A product I can't live without: lotion and lip balm. I can't stand having dry skin or chapped lips.  My favorites are Lubriderm Lotion and C.O Bigelows Rose Salve by Bath and Body Works. 
My favorite place:  I've been blessed to visit Mexico, Hondouras, Hawaii, Ecuador, and all over the US.  I was fortunate enough to be able to live in Ecuador for 4 months and help in orphanages.  I lived in the beautiful town of Cuenca.  The weather was perfect, 60-80 degrees all the time.  The people were so nice, there was a lot of historical places to visit, flower markets (most of the US's flowers come from Ecuador) produce markets, cafes, cathederals and beautiful children who I had the pleasure of helping.  I would go back in a heartbeat.
My dream vacation:  To tour Europe with my husband.  (But he has no desire to go, so maybe with some GIRLS!)  France, Italy, Greece, Germany, and also, the Netherlands.  Eating lots of breads, cheeses, chocolate and seeing all of the beautiful buildings.  Hopefully one day!
My favorite Restaurant:  So I'm a bit biased on this one because I worked there for 12 years on and off.  The Mandarin Restaurant in Bountiful, Utah.  Oh Baby.  Talk about THE BEST CHINESE.  The hour or more wait every weekend proves it!
My favorite TV Show: The Gilmore Girls.  I love it.  But I also love The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Survivor, The Office, House, Iron Chef, Americas Next Top Model and Intervention.  Many many guilty pleasures from TV my friends. 
My favorite movie:  Oooh this is a tie between Gone With The Wind and Funny Girl.  Because they're so depressing and their "man" leaves? I don't know.  I think it's because I'm a total weepy, blubbering, prince charming and Cinderella romantic at heart. Ugh.  Sometimes I hate it because I let myself get too emotionally involved:)
My favorite treat:  Hands down ice cream, Lt Dan!  Coffee flavored to be exact, but I'm not picky. 
What you love about Blogging: it has really taught me to see both sides of everything.  I think sometimes I can be a bit close minded and it's great to see from peoples comments what they think about certain things and to give their viewpoint.  Also, meeting and "talking" to many great women who have many similar interests, goals and struggles. 
How do you try to balancing all of the responsibilities in life?  I think my husband is great for me when it comes to this.  I am a perfectionist and a person who "can't say no," and it usually ends up biting me "you know where!"  He is the first one to remind me I don't need to be perfect.  It's ok that there are dishes in the sink and that I didn't get to the last load of laundry.  But are the kids happy?  Do they know you love 'em?  He's great at sweetly reminding me about what is most important.  Reading, running, taking baths, cooking and watching tv with my hubby at night are my ideal ways to relax.
Things I love- puppies, newly sharpened pencils, brand new books, hearing my kids laugh from their tummies, ice cream, rain, writing letters and thank you notes, bubble baths, music, history, World War 2 books, falling asleep next to my husband, being organized, popcorn, journaling, being called mom, helping people, sleeping with the window open, purses, Nauvoo, Illinois, back rubs, ice water, my kids breath when they were babies, homemade pickles, gardening, summer nights,pleasing people, running, Fourth of July, musicals/plays, nature, new notebooks and journals, salt and vinegar chips, clean sheets, kids books, red vines, biographies, the 1930's, romantic movies, campfires, decorating, perfumes, traveling and my family.
Things I don't love- balloons, cocky people, seafood, heavy metal and rap music, bad breath, mean people, black licorice, tube tops, ironing, mice, ungrateful people, mud, slow drivers and confrontations. 

Thanks for the interview ladies! 
So fun finding out more about you. 
You're both so fun, amazing, and talented!


  1. Hello there, I am wish a great Friday, passing from SITS. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. OK, that was FUN! Love the interviews!! I saw your comment on SITS that you did an interview and had to stop by. I do them on Mondays. Check it out and let me know if you'd like to do one...you can read more about who I interview.


  3. Thanks, friend! That was fun :)


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