Happy Things~Guest: Lilac & Ivy

Today I have a guest!  
I find it so interesting and fun to learn about and learn from other people, 
so I am starting a series that I'm calling "Happy Things."  
Periodically I am going to have a guest from another blog that I love answer some questions.  
I hope you enjoy this!  If you have any feedback or comments, I 'd love to hear them!

Guest: Sarah Bradley from Lilac & Ivy
Sarah and I became friends at the Alt Conf. in Salt Lake City that I went to a few weeks back. 
Not only does she have a great blog, she has an event planning company too.  
I'm super jealous!  What a fun job!  
She is very creative and talented and I hope you enjoy getting to know her better.

What is your dream job? I love everything online related. I graduated college with a journalism degree and wish I’d emphasized in online/new media instead of magazines. So with that said, if I didn’t have to go back to school to get reeducated I’d love to be involved in the cutting edge of online media. I’m obsessed with blogging and twittering and I foresee online media only growing in market share. But, since I have little interest in going back to school, I’ve recently launched my event planning company, Lilac & Ivy, which has also always been a dream. I love design, organization and parties so this is a perfect fit!

What is a product you can't live without?
I’m absolutely in love with Origins Checks and Balances face wash and their organic Tonic. In fact, I love their mask and scrub for oily skin too.  
Favorite place you've been?
I absolutely adore new cities. Last fall my husband and I took a trip to Greece and I fell in love with the islands. It was so relaxing and I foresee us visiting again. But in general, each new city I visit becomes a favorite for different things whether it is for the shopping, architecture, people, or restaurants.  
Dream vacation?
A month long vacation around Italy.
Favorite Restaurant?
I have several. In Arizona where I grew up it’s Serrano’s which has the best Sonoran Mexican food and Z’Tejas which has amazing Southwestern fare. In my new hometown, Charlotte, I love Alexander Michael’s which is Southern food with a Cajun twist. 

Favorite TV Show?
Right now I’m loving Damages of FX. It’s a smart drama with some fanatic acting by Glenn Close.
Favorite Movie?
Life is Beautiful. It’s an amazing love story.
Favorite Treat?
Warm baked goods are always right at the top of my list.
What do you love about blogging?
I love the amazing people it has allowed me to “meet” and the unlimited amounts of inspiration I discover on a daily basis. Some days my head is so full of inspiration and I feel so excited that it seems my head might explode!
What is your secret to balancing life?
This is a constant battle that I face everyday. But one thing that I’ve learned is to say no to things that I don’t want to do. If I get talked into doing something I’ll dread it and won’t give 100% which isn’t fair for the person I said yes to or me.
What do you love to do?
I love reading and could spend hours getting lost in pages. I also enjoy a great movie to just veg out for a few hours.
5 Loves
My family, Sweets, Blogging, The Internet, Traveling
5 Hates
Racism, Apathy, Laziness, A dirty house, Arguing

Thanks Sarah!  I loved getting to know you better and love your answers!


  1. I just love learning more about bloggers.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting me! It was fun answering the questions!

  3. i just learned a few more things about sarah. her blog is one of my daily reads. thanks ladies! pam


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