Happy Things~Guest: My Favorite Things

I mean seriously...how cute is this pic?

Today my guest for my Happy Things series is Molly from My Favorite Things.
I was a guest on her blog a few months back for her Friday Favorites,  
so, I'm excited to now have her as a guest on my blog.
I love visiting her blog to check out what her favorite things are.
Molly has great taste and a fun personality! 
You'll understand what I mean when you read her answers and check her blog. 
On a side note, Molly... your favorite movie isn't Sound of Music? Come on!? :) I thought that was a given.  By the way, Favorite Things was the name of my blog when I first started blogging.... 
that was, until I found Molly and her blog. Obviously, I then changed it.  But I still love the name! 
Great minds, great minds.:)
What is your dream job?
A professional organizer 
Product you can't live without?
Favorite place you've been?
Dream vacation?
To Travel all over Europe 
Favorite Restaurant?
Right now I'm loving Grimaldi's 
Favorite TV show?
House + Burn Notice + Modern Family {sorry, I couldn't pick just one} 
Favorite movie?
Not sure but I do love Anne of Green Gables 
Favorite treat?
Any type of baked good.  I am a huge sucker for sweets.
What do you love about blogging?
I love all the brilliant ideas that are floating around the blogging world.  The talent that is right at my finger tips is amazing.   
What is your secret to trying to balance all of your responsibilities in your life?
I am still trying to figure that one out.  Prioritizing is key.  My boys come first, always.
How do you like to relax or what is a hobby you enjoy?
I love to read, oh how I love books.  I have a fondness for organizing.
And a nice hot bubble bath at the end of the day really hits the spot. 
surprise mail, dessert, cheese, traveling, my boys {all three}
gossip, clutter, budgeting, bullies, public restrooms
  Thanks for being a guest Molly!  It was great getting to know you a little better. 
I love books too, however, I have gotten out of the habit of reading since my last babe. 
I think you've inspired me.  I REALLY NEED to get started again.  
 My TO READ list is getting a bit out of control!

Happy Friday!  Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend.
Maybe, just maybe, I'll pick up a book and tackle one of my projects that are on the TO Do list.

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