Just Dreamin'.....

of the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.  
I want to stay here just so I can day dream with all of this
stripey, bright, citrus love surrounding me. 
How dreamy is this lemonade stand?

My goal is to stay here someday. For reals. 
Oh! and I would really like one of these Butterfly chairs. 
I think these would look great by our fire pit or even in my family room.


  1. Came over from SITS :)

    That looks AMAZING. I wanna go there too!

  2. alisa .. i have a request from you! i will be going to san diego in june and wanted to know if you knew a fun place to stay similar to this palm springs hotel?

  3. this place is amazing. Love the butterfly chairs surrounding the firepit.

  4. What an amazing place... wish there was a place like this in Florida... have a nice weekend!


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