The Middle Place

Just finished this book, The Middle Place. Amazing. I know. Since I'm not the "reader" I once was. It is a charming true story about Kelly and her family and their experience as she struggles through cancer. It is funny, poignant, and insightful. There were many moments when I could not believe she wrote what she did ( if you read it, you'll know what I mean). Then there were other moments, I loved what she wrote and how real she was! Overall, I really enjoyed it! She is a very talented writer! I am in awe and admiration for those that are are blessed with the writing talent + creative talent!
I am also in awe at those who have struggled with cancer themselves or have had close family members who have. What a trial! As I read this book, I thought about one of my life-long- friends, one of my "besties," Kathy. She and her family are currently going through this very trial with her mother, Karen (who was like a bonus mom to me through Junior High and High School). They have truly suffered, but have risen to the occasion, and have shown such faith and courage and strength. I love you Kath and Karen and family! I will continue to hope and pray for you on the brutal road to recovery. You're so loved and so amazing!

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