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I'm lovin' the Welda Baby Shampoo & Body Wash. Don't get me wrong! I will always be a fan of the Johnson & Johnson baby lotion and the trademark baby smell that comes with it! I still use that too! However, I have experienced a great thing with this new Welda product. Baby-G had crazy cradle cap a couple of months ago. I mean crazy flakes! Almost immediately after trying the Welda Baby Shampoo & Body wash his cradle cap DISAPPEARED! I could totally do a commercial for them! Right now you can print up a coupon to purchase this fabulous product on their website.
This is what they have to say:
Taking organic baby care to the masses: Weleda. The dermatologist-tested and 100 percent certified natural line of baby products is now available at Target, Whole Foods Market, and select natural health food stores nationwide.

Using organic calendula (a nourishing botanical with healing anti-inflammatory properties) cultivated from the label’s very own biodynamic gardens, Weleda has created a full line of baby creams, diaper care, and
bath and body washes aimed at gently caring for tiny bodies.

For a clean start, try the calendula shampoo and body wash. The gentle, tear-free wash retains the moisture in your baby’s hair and skin, leaving them feeling silky smooth and protected from drying out.

For Mommies: I am a fan of their yummy Skin Food!

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