Martha's Rooms by Color

This neutral room is so inviting with the many soft textures.  Only problem...
it would not stay that cozy and clean with my four kids! 

Decorating by Color, on Martha Stewart's site, is a fun way to categorize all of the many great interior design photos they have.  I think most of them are actually of her different homes! 

I love the yellow and gray together.  I also love the arrangement of the four different types of framed fabrics.
Not that I would particularly like this room, but I know Mr. D would love this rather large tarpon fish!

I like the two-toned bookshelf .  I actually did that in a few of the art nooks in my basement.  The wall is  yellow and the nooks are almost a burnt orange.  I actually really like the way they turned out.

Now that is quite the selection of copper pots!  Could I have just one? I don't think she'd even miss it!

Love the green zigzag rug! Where can I find me one of those? Also, love the fun colors.

Adore this iron garden table that is painted an irrepressible orange -- perfect for waking up at the breakfast table with orange juice, cantaloupe, and marmalade. Love the window seats with  mocha-colored cushions and piping in another fresh orange.

What a darling bathroom! 
I like how they put a chandelier in the bathroom.  And lovin' the charcoal gray walls!

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  1. Great selections! I love the kitchen with all of the copper pots too. And the gray/hot pink retro bathroom is fab!


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