Green Smoothie Girl

So, since I have mentioned my sister-in-law, Robyn, I should introduce you to her wealth of knowledge in the health world. She has a website: Green Smoothie Girl, a program called: twelve steps to whole food eathing, and a recently printed book called: The Green Smoothie Diet - The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health.
Congrats Robyn! This is quite the accomplishment! I am always trying to find ways to cook more healthy and to live a more healthy lifestyle and I have learned so much from Robyn. I try to make green smoothies for my family as often as possible, and now after posting this, I am re-committing to it, yet once again!
I won't even attempt to explain all the health tips and information I've received, I'll just let you wander over for a visit and let you check it out yourself! Go Green! :)

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