Sarah Richardson: Primary Colors 1,2,3

"My Primary Colors are 1,2,3... Red, Yellow, and Blue"

Always a fan of Sarah Richardson, I'm always checking in on her to see her latest and greatest. 
Today I spotted these lovely rooms she designed for the the Interior Design Show 2011.
This blue den was inspired by the wall sconce, floor lamp, and  clocks.
I love how it is rich and grounded, yet funky and fun. The perfect combo.

Right about now, in February, even though I should be all about red and pink, 
I start craving yellow and green. 
I am obsessed with this yellow bedroom. 
Sarah knocked it OUT.OF.THE.PARK with this room!
Go Yellow! Go Yellow! Go, Go, Go Yellow!

I'm in love with: the hints of orange, that striped dress, 
the white coffee table, headboard, foot tables. Um...EVERYTHING!

 I used to have quite a bit of red hints in my home.  
Although I don't feel ready to incorporate it again quite yet, 
I'm really enjoying this dining room and loving those chairs.

I also featured Sarah Richardson on my site here.

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  1. Fun! Love the bright blue and that yellow and white striped dress.


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