Home Tour: John & Vivian Bencich

Saw this house tour on Design*Sponge and had to share it! I am so taken with this room. The paisley wallpaper on the ceiling knocks the room out-of-the-park. The Oly Studio Elizabeth buffet is amazing and fits perfect in that space and in that room. Get the full scoop, photos, and information at Design*Sponge.
"This beautiful home belongs to architects John and Vivian Bencich. When John and Vivian purchased their house, it had barely been touched for 70 years and was in desperate need of a refresh. So the couple worked to bring in more light, add smart storage and workspaces and open up the kitchen and den to create a spot for family gathering. It’s now a bright, modern and welcoming home!"
By Amy A. Design*Sponge  Images by Jeff Herr Photography .

Read more details about this awesome home at Design*Sponge.
(and yes, I used awesome... my 3-year-old son now uses this word for everything! 
"Mom, that's not cool, it's a.w.e.s.o.m.e!"  He corrects me all the time and so I'm now hooked. 
Let's just bring it on back! AWESOME! :)


  1. What a lovely home! I'm not usually a red or orange decorating person but I'm very drawn to the way they're used here. I'm also guilty of using awesome. :)

  2. This is just amazing. Love it! I posted photos of my newly-decorated living room on the blog the other day, and this makes it look like I live in a double-wide. Hmph.


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