Kate Spade: Things We Love

This photo makes me happy!
Stripes & Color= Happy.  
This could belong to none other than Kate Spade.

This is just one of the fabulous photos in a little clutch-sized book 
of inspirations designed and published by Kate Spade New York.  
During the Kate Spade party at Alt Summit, we were given one of these 
limited edition books that shares what inspires the creative 
team at Kate Spade New York. 
{I love this idea and totally want  to copy it and create one of my own...
even one for our family.  That would make a fun family tradition 
to make a book of faves and have each member have a 
chapter, page, or whatever... 
huh. I'm gonna have to chew on that idea.} 

Back to the original point of this post...
Dying over these vivacious pages.

Marvelous. Simply marvelous. 
You said it so well Kate and team, 
with beautiful colors, photos, & shinny excellence. 
What a fun gift to receive. Thanks!

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