Coffee Table & Ottoman Round-Up Ideas

photo via Robyn Karp

I'm on the hunt for a coffee table or ottoman for my Family Room. 
My little Baby G ruined my last table when he was teething... 
I have teeth marks surrounding the table! 
So, I'm researching and trying to narrow down what I want.  Obviously it has to be kid-friendly. 
I'd like it to add texture or a different element to the room.
Here are a few finds and ideas... I'm always for some good suggestions if anyone has any.

This ottoman by Jonathan Adler is one of my favorites! Although I love the bright, fun ottomans, 
I also love the look of clear tables which leave a room looking larger and more airy.

If I could afford,I would die to have this coffee table, which was featured in Cottage Living magazine.
I adore the texture of the root wood mixed with the clear top. Simply perfect.

And then there is this mighty beauty found via Jessica Helgerson.
I'm obsessed with white and the detail is fantastic!
OH! If ONLY!!.....

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  1. I love the upholstered ottomans... kid-safe AND a great way to add some bold color and/or pattern. And P.S. That image from Lonny (as well as most images from Lonny) is beautiful!


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