White + Brown= A Summer Fave

I can remember when I was a little girl, my favorite outfit in the summer 
was white and brown with some white and brown stripes... 
I think it has always been a fave. 
I love the natural linen look mixed with a fresh, crisp white.  
It screams summer to me.  
I'm enjoying the trend and mix of white and natural brown in decorating. 

Of course, I'm always one for a pop of color!

ahhh! Aren't those just lovely, refreshing, crisp, and summery?
images: dresses & rooms
I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.
I'm not getting enough beach time.  Lots of fun time, but I think 
I need more beach. Doesn't everyone? ;)
My children go back to school in one week.  
CRAZY in know. We have year -round school where I live. 
There are pros and cons to it... that is a different topic. 
We need to take full advantage of this last week.


  1. We are remodeling our kitchen and going with white. I can't wait. Great post!


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