More Art Work to Love

I came across some more unique art work that I simply adore. 
  This online shop offers travel prints, photographs, and inspirational and humorous quotations. 
All illustrations are hand-drawn in Adobe Illustrator by the artist, Alaina.
Once upon a time I lived in and taught High School in DC, and my husband grew-up right outside of DC, so I think this would be something fun and special to us both. 
But the European series is very cute too.... maybe the Eiffel Tower for my daughter's room?

Another Etsy find was the artist Michelle Armas
I find myself drawn to her designs, shapes, and colors.
Her work seems timeless...

has some unique and vintage looking photographs that I think are fun.

 These are all very different in styles, but very lovely in their own right. There are so many different ways to enjoy the talent, expression, and beauty that is in our world... that is what I love about art.


  1. Oh how sweet! Thanks so much for including my photo prints on your lovely blog! Have a beautiful weekend.
    x Ez

  2. Love those travel prints! Too cute.


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