DIY Pillowcase Dress: Yes, I made it!

For those of you who know how much I DON'T SEW!  
You will be so impressed to know that I made this pillowcase dress, 
with the help of my mother of course...
We got the pattern and material at Lazy Daisy Cottage, 
a cute little shop in St. George, Utah, on a semi-recent girl weekend 
with my mom, aunts, and cousins.  

I also purchased zig-zag material for a skirt for myself that my cousin Amber 
taught me how to make.  I need to find the site with instructions and then I will post that.  
But until then, if you are interested in making a pillowcase dress  I found this site, that explains how to make them.  My mother is so proud of me... she is a wonderfully talented lady that sews quite a bit.  
She is always trying to get me to sew and I finally gave in to her pleas. 
I am so happy that I finally made a dress for my daughter! :)


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