Tyke Rider

The Tyke Rider is a clever bike from Europe that looks like a sure thing for my kiddos!  When they're young, my kids never use the inconvenient pedals anyway.
This bike seems to promote good balance by forcing the kids to propel themselves with their feet. How practical and adorable!  I love the idea!  Maybe this should go on the "Santa list!"

**"Begin with Lite, a smaller model suitable for those 20 months and older, then graduate to the more robust Classic (ages 2 to 5) or Evolution (ages 3½ to 6) styles. When it comes time for an actual big kid’s bike, there’s no teary, knee-skinning transition."


  1. I can't get my girls to catch on to the no wheels bikes but they are so darn cute!

  2. I've never seen one w/o a pedal until now. Kinda look awkward without it but I guess there's a reason for it.


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