Spray Paint Happy

I have a problem....
I LOVE to decorate and re-decorate.  Right now, I'm feeling like I REALLY want to redecorate some of the rooms in my home.  In a serious effort to not buy new right now I am re-arranging, re-doing and re-painting many of my old things.  Here are a few of my finished items.
I spray painted the rooster white to make it a little more modern and fresh
The fruit was sprayed white as well and put into a glass jar

The old globe book stopper was sprayed metallic and then
I sprayed on old pitcher (on the 3rd shelf)a taupe color
The pear used to be gold and I sprayed it blue. The Conch Shell was sprayed cream.
(this was taken before the globe was sprayed metallic)
I re-arranged the chairs and moved the taupe to the family room
and moved the dark brown into the library. 
I like it because it adds more contrast, is a little more cozy, and basically it is just nice for a change.
I'm off to spray paint some more....


  1. It's amazing how a little thing like spray paint can really change the feel of a room. You sure have a lot of lovely things over here. Found you on SITS.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :D

  2. SO CUTE Alisa!!! I saw on another blog that someone spray painted a globe with chalkboard paint and then wrote in chalk all the places they want to travel one day. Your house is gorgeous!!!

  3. your house is just so lovely alisa!!!

  4. That's a great idea for updating your look with what you already have! ** looking around for stuff to spray... ** I suspect it can be addictive...

    Here from SITS!


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