Pillow Talk: One

Tip: mix and match different colors, patterns, sizes and textures.

WARNING!!! This is decorative pillow overload! I've been looking for some new and fun pillows and thought I'd share my favorites. Problem: there are just too many great and interesting choices out there! I love mixing it up and love different colors and textures together. Let me know if you have other ideas.....I just might need to do part II.

All Modern has to be the best sight for unique and fun pillows! This is a must!
Right now West Elm is having a great sale on pillows! I just got the Taksim pillow for my basement family room.
Pottery Barn always has a good selection. I especially like these graphic pillows.
Love, love, love these pillows from Tonic!
I have the rectangular green/bird pillow in my master bedroom and I absolutely love it! I'm thinking that I need some more pillows from this place! They have so many different colors and designs and they are all great!
Color and Scheme has such a great selection of pillows! I think I need some of these!
These fun pillows are from this Etsy store.
Love these pillows from this Etsy store.

These two unique pillows are from an Etsy store Kainkain

Carmen Pillow from Crate & Barrel
Remy Pillow from Crate & Barrel

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