Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

I love Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. Right now everything is 20% off until July 26th.

I have been trying to use chemical-free products for cleaning lately. GO GREEN! Especially since I have been trying to have my kids help clean the house. I just feel a little better if they are using and inhaling a safer product. I love the way they smell! I have found their products at certain Target stores and Harmon's Grocery.

All of their cleaning products are made with natural essential oils, are biodegradable and phosphate-free. Their claim: "our cleaning products are good for your house, your nose, and the environment."

Another non-toxic brand I LOVE to use is Method. The Pink Grapefruit All Surface spray is so great! And I love the Daily Shower spray! I have used other shower sprays and I would have to leave the bathroom after using them because I could not breath! Method's spray smells like a spa so you want to breath it! Ahhhh!
I can usually find Method at Target. Gotta love Target!

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  1. mmm I have the lavander cleaner and I love it! It actually makes cleaning kinda fun!


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