Lovin' Me Some Cool Products

 This Geneva Sound System was the winner of the 2010 I.D. International Consumer 
Products Award.  It is small but has a mighty hi-fi system and I'm sure many other fantastic features... however, I first fell in love with the fun retro design. 
I think this will be on my want/wish list for quite a long time, but at least I can still admire from afar. 

A stylin' humidifier! This is oh, so cool.
This great design combines convenience, comfort and style into one attractive package.  
Plus, there a bunch of happy colors to choose from.

a sleek tissue holder that is a stylin' disguise for those tissues
I need throughout the house for my cute kiddos.
Love that there are so many creative people that can create so many cool products!

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if the humidifier actually works well, it would be so worth it to replace the ugly standard white and blue one in the kids room.


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