Angie Hranowsky Design Studio

Right now it is snowing outside. 
Although I love snow, especially during the holidays, I am always dreaming of a nice,
sunny, warm beach.  One place that I happen to love is Charleston, South Carolina.
Mr. D and I spent our 5 year anniversary there, and I've been wanting to take our
children back ever since then.  Actually, the dream is to rent a beach house on
Hilton Head and then travel around the area, which I adore.  
Anyway... this fantastic home is located in Charleston, South Carolina,
which is interesting since Charleston is known for it's historical charm. 
Although I'm a huge fan of the southern/eastern style, which is actually the exterior
style of my home, this modern twist in this home is perfect for me.  
This style makes me so happy! 

The owner and designer? 
Why it is Angie Hranowsky and she just happens to have her own design studio.
I am obsessed with her style and work.

I love Angie's use and mix of color, texture, patterns, vintage and modern.
There is something a little unexpected and pleasant about they way she 
incorporates each piece in her home.

I would love to move in her home right now! Everything is just perfect. Simply perfect.

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