I'm Sooooooo Lovin': Green Cooking Pots

 I have admired from afar a Le Creuset french oven for quite some time, but with the hefty price tag, I have never passed the admiration stage.  Well, how happy am I to find a wonderful new line of ecofriendly cookware called Greencookingpots . The owners and creators, Cafe and Mica, say that their enameled cast iron product "absorbs heat and distributes it evenly, making for very efficient cooking, whether it is the slow braising of meats or the simmering of soups. They can be used on any heat source including the oven for casseroles or the making of bread."
Their fetching resemblance to Le Creuset  is just the icing on the cake. And speaking of cake, you can bake one in the shape of an apple or pumpkin, since these can withstand the heat of the oven. 
Besides specialty pots, the collection includes grill, roasting, and saucepans; Dutch ovens; and skillets in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.   
These could not be more fun and fabulous!

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