House Love

 I love the stripped ceiling and the different colored fireplace

Confession:  In the past, I have not done well in recording where I have saved my pictures from that are in my "House Love: House Ideas" file.  I feel badly that I don't have the sources of these pictures.  They are all lovely and all have good ideas that we can appreciate, so I will post them.... as I continue to search where I saved them from.  Currently, I am doing much better at recording and keeping track of where I am saving things from!  Yea for me! :)
While building my current home, I kept notebooks and files of house ideas, decorating ideas, and architectural ideas. Over the years it has become a sort of hobby of mine.  I still have my old files, and I am always adding to them.  If we ever build again, I don't know how I will ever narrow down my ideas.  There are so many wonderful things to do and I'd love to do them all.

Love the Zebra rug!  Oh how I'd love one right now. 
Love the stripped curtains and the bold single stripe chairs. 

Love the neutral palette.  Love the detail in ceiling and the light fixture and the pink sign.

Love mixing the green and plum. Great light fixture!

Wow! This bathroom rocks!  Love the bold green! Love mixing the direction of the tile! 
Love the big oval mirror and black and white checkerboard floor.

Love the use of green and orange.  One can never have enough vases and love the palms.  I currently am loving the palms in my house....and even though it is fall, I am not letting them go! :) Notice the fun color-coded bookshelf.  Although I really enjoy it, I don't think I'll be doing it in my library... seriously, I doubt that my wee collection has enough colors in the rainbow to satisfy this look.

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