A Squirrel in My House!

The other day I opened our sliding door, then shut our screen door to let-in some nice fresh rain air. I was looking forward to a hurry-and-accomplish-as-much-as-you-can day while my two oldest were away at Nana's Camp. I went to the laundry room to switch loads and was headed to the kitchen to do the morning dishes, when to my surprise and horrer, there was a squirrel in my house! He had crawled under the screen door, the gutsy scroungy thing. He was not what you call a cute squirrel, and he is big on the scale of squirrels I've seen. J -Boy was frozen and wide-eyed in the family room, so I calmly said, "honey, go to your room!" He grabbed his blankie and elephant and ran to his room. I tried to look around in the corner where the squirrel ran towards, which is where we keep our blankets and toys. I COULD NOT FIND HIM! I assumed he went through our railing and went downstairs. SNAP! There went my day. Now, I had to deal with an unwelcome animal..... oh! and poor J-Boy. I went into his room a little later, and he was just sitting on the floor, cuddling with his blankie, with a scared look on his face, not making a peep! He was fine after 2 seconds of a comfort-cuddle and ready to help me look.

I called my neighbor to see if her boys wanted to come chase him down. They weren't available, but she suggested animal services. I called animal services, and they couldn't come because he is "wildlife." I called wildlife services and they couldn't come because they "don't do squirrels."
Mr. D was out of town, so I called my brother and Dad, and they, along with my Mom and sister, came and we searched high and low with no success! At some point he snuck back out because we saw him running around our back porch two days later. But until I saw him on the porch, I was all creeped-out thinking he was going to surprise attack us any minute! And don't think I didn't leave little piles of nuts all over the house, just to see if he would come for a nibble. I didn't ever want to leave my two little ones alone, just in case it was some crazy squirrel....you never know!?

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  1. That is so hilarious! Though I'm sure you didn't think so at the time:} I wouldn't have been able to sleep for the 2 nights.


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