Girls who take LUNCH serious!

Me with Grayson

Working in Pegs beautiful kitchen

Brenda (red head aunt #1) with Grayson

Amber and Luke

See? yummy food!


Michelle, Amber, and Luke

Savanah, Ginger (red head aunt #2 and cousin #4), and Grayson

Wondering where Grayson got the red hair from? Well, Dave has 5 siblings with red hair and I have

2 aunts and 4 cousins with red hair!

My Mom with Jackson and Owen

Peggy is the wonderful Chef of the day!

Some of my favorite people to be with are the girls in the Tuttle family. My mom, Janis, and her sisters, Peggy, Brenda, and Ginger have done lunch together every week for many years now. My cousins and I have always joined when we were able, but now that many of us have settled down and have kids we have joined in the trandition of LUNCH. When I say lunch, I mean yummy, yummy LUNCH. My mother and all of my aunts are excellent cooks and I always love eating their food and spending time with them. The girls in the Tuttle family, from aunts to cousins, are amazing, talented, giving, and happy people and I love and respect them all.


  1. I love this! I need to do a lunch post! Hope you don't mind if I steel some of these pictures, they turned out great!

  2. alisa! i didn't even know you had a blog! i saw your link on leah's. i am sad i don't get to come to lunch anymore since i am so far away!


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